Social Media Management

Social media is now the #1 means for driving engagement and fostering powerful connections with your audience. It provides opportunities to easily connect to individuals or entire communities, leveraging networks with far greater reach than single connections alone.

Social media isn’t something you have, it is something you do. It’s immediate, responsive and it’s also among today’s leading word-of-mouth strategies. Digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others provide easy ways to create and share information.

Doing it right, however, is anything but simple.

Community ManagementWe’ll help ignite your social media presence through:
Social channel management
Social media strategy development
Content and hashtag strategy
Cross-channel content calendar creation
Omnichannel messaging development
Messaging distribution across multiple digital platforms
Measurement and reporting

“Benita always has creative ways to generate prospect leads. She has the ability to come into a new client with one idea and by the end of the meeting the client has 3-4 options that meet their objectives.”

Stacy Perlman

Dun & Bradstreet