Marketing Strategy & Planning

The foundation of your marketing plan, your marketing strategy defines your company’s message, articulating what you do and how you address customer needs. We’ll create a focused, well thought out marketing strategy that drives more relevant communications and enables more effective customer outreach and engagement. Translating the marketing strategy into actionable tactics, we’ll develop a comprehensive marketing plan designed to meet your marketing goals.

Marketing StrategyWe’ll help you to:
Gain insights through a brand audit and assessment
Combine your marketing goals into a comprehensive marketing plan
Define marketing objectives, strategies, and tactical plans
Develop more relevant, engaging communications and messaging
Establish key performance measures to track and refine program success
Define budgets and ROI breakdowns

“I am in awe of Benita’s unique ability to work with a team to take a seedling of an idea and transform it into a successful multi-faceted marketing platform”.

Manejah Terzi

Communication Strategist & PR Specialist